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Who We Are


Who We Are

Scary Good is a dark & powerful alliance between Melissa Medína & Randy Greer. A proudly Latino-owned & certified D.E.I. Workplace, we also provide full Voice Acting services, Directing, Composing, Audio Engineering, Voice Acting Demos, Voice Acting Education & more. We do a little bit of every style but our specialty is Horror & Sci-Fi. Because we're giant Horror & Sci-Fi fans. See a little more about us below.


What We Do

As Latine business owners, we're two people who grew up understanding the struggle to make things happen on a budget. We've always had to achieve a lot with a little, so we made a boutique production company without the boutique prices. We believe in being people first, who can be heavy hitters when it counts. And we share our success with our network of actors, directors, audio engineers, & composers to create a real community of diverse artists committed to making beautiful stories come to life.


melissa medína

Co-Founder Melissa Medína is a Voice Actor who has worked with clients from Bethesda to Amazon, indie to AAA, specializing in video games, commercials, TV promo, & trailers for games & movies. A huge horror nerd, sci-fi lover, foodie, klutz, former opera singer, and recovering IT Data Scientist, Melissa brings a wealth of industry & life experience, heading up operations for Voice Talent, Directors, Casting, & more.

randy greer

Co-Founder Randy Greer is a Composer & Audio Engineer with over a decade in digital audio production working on games from AAA to indie, breathing life into the soundscapes in the games you love. You can also hear his work in film, commercial, OSTs, & podcasts. When not writing, directing, producing, composing, or teaching, Randy is an avid gamer, horror & sci-fi lover, music theory geek, & can often be found making epic pizzas or baked goods.

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