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Scary Good is a dark & powerful alliance between Melissa Medina, Randy Greer, & our network of Actors, Directors, Sound Designers, & Composers. We do a little bit of every style, but our specialty is Horror & Sci-Fi. Because we're giant Horror & Sci-Fi fans. Check out what we've been up to.

We find the best talent.

Getting the performances that blow you away.

Expert Voice Talent to tell your story.

The magic of storytelling done right.

We're experts in nailing the vibe you want.

Scary Good Projects

Check out some of the projects we've worked on lately. We've even got room for yours.

What we do.

We're just two people who have always had to achieve a lot with a little, so we made a boutique production company without the boutique prices. We believe in being people first, who can be heavy hitters when it counts.


We also believe art doesn't happen in a single location, and if the pandemic taught us anything it's that your story will thrive anywhere. That's why we're proudly 100% remote, meaning we don't need to be in an entertainment hub (like L.A., New York, or Dallas) so you don't have to pay entertainment hub prices. It's not about being "cheap" for us, it's about being accessible to artists. With remote work you're not paying for brick-and-mortar operations, bloated staff, or recording studio fees. This means we have low overhead so we can remain affordable & focus on quality, organization, efficiency, good communication, and proactivity. No waiting until the last minute & rushing to get something out that we had to cut corners on. We focus on quality not quantity, & curate our clients so we work with people who believe that artists are human, people should be hired & paid fairly, and work hours are sacred. We work for devs, animators, filmmakers, & advertising firms from all over the world from our beautiful haven in the Midwest US (you betcha!) and our clients agree - you don't need to live in a big city to do big work.

Whether you need just one service or want to take advantage of our one-stop-shop production, we can customize a package that works within your budget. Check out our services below.

We love casting

Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your budget, the size of your project, & your timeline. We can find voice talent & cast in as little as 48hours. All we need is some basic info & you can sit back and relax. Once we get budget, character art, universe info, character descriptions, a few of your preferences, and of course some lines, we take all that and format it into an attention-grabbing casting call. Then we slap it on the bottom & send it to our in-house roster of pre-vetted expert Voice Actors or post it on socials to help you build your following or find any specialized backgrounds or voices you had in mind. Our Casting Service includes assembling the casting call, accumulating auditions, & filtering auditions so you don't have to spend days sifting through unusable ones. Then we send you our top choices so you can have final say or we can take charge & cast for you.

As a Certified D.E.I. workplace, we are committed to inclusive & authentic casting. We curate our voice talent to ensure that we are creating opportunity for marginalized groups while hiring & growing remote talent into experienced actors & business owners. All of our voice talent have been pre-vetted to meet broadcast-quality sound specs & can all run their own sessions & self-direct. No studio fees needed. Remote work is how we stay affordable & keep your budget in mind.

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