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Work with us and be

Scary Good.

Our education, experience, and success mean a current and competitive industry edge for your demo.

Choose your power-up.

Sound Mixer Knobs

Want more info about our awesome demos? We thought you might. Check out our samples below.


What do I get with a demo?

+ original script (can be collaborative)

+ 1 live directed session (+1 optional pickup session)

+ editing

+ sound design

+ original score/music that no one else will have

+ mix (volumes, eq, effects, etc.)

+ master

+ approval checks for each stage above

+ 1 round of revisions for each stage above, may only be requested on the current stage of production

+ unfathomable awesomeness

What do I NOT get with a demo?

+ replacing spots in demos made by other producers
+ NSFW content

+ the acrid power of foresight

What makes you different from other demo producers?

+ direct & daily hands-on experience with the type of work on your demo
+ over a decade of production experience at your disposal
+ a full-time working actor's input on what is bookable right now

+ a customized script

+ general badassery

Demo Samples

Hear Scary Good Demos.

Check out how awesome our clients are.

are you
demo ready?


Have a properly treated recording space. Conduct a sound test using THIS GUIDE. to make sure you're sounding your best.

Have an XLR mic.

Know what type of demo you need.

Listen to some demos we’ve made.

✓ Review the FAQ above & ensure you understand the services we provide.

Schedule a FREE consultation using the scheduling link below.


Have attended at least 2 workshops or 1-on-1 coaching.

Have a coach who recommends you’re ready for a demo.

Have booked at least 3 roles.

Able to take basic direction & creatively use context provided in your performance.

Able to understand basic script analysis.

Provide a recording of a SAMPLE SCRIPT so we can get a feel for demo readiness.

ready to book?

wait a sec.

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